Saturday, November 16, 2013

Donald Trump Voices What Others Seem Afraid to Say

 In Russia with Miss Universe Crowning

Does Donald Trump have news feeds from other countries? Of course he does. However, would we be happy to hear what other countries opinions are about the state of affairs in the USA? 

What does Russia say about Obamacare? Russia and other countries might be think President Obama is a joke and as an American that hurt me to know other countries opinions are negative towards our president.
I am not saying I agree with Obamacare because I do not understand all of it at this point. 

I do think however, that it is not right that everyone has to accept it. I believe if any Americans are happy with their health insurance they should keep it. And, if not---then research and shop around for other insurance coverage. Let the ones who want Obamacare apply for it.

I feel it is unconstitutional to force a nation to choose an ill-fated insurance that we did not vote to have in the first place. Are we still Americans who live in the land of the free and brave. 

Yes, there are issues with ‘Health Insurance in America’ and that is because the ones in charge of governing insurance is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

What are the NAIC doing and are they in touch with the White House for any input from their experience or are they like the members of Congress and have their own insurance coverage? Are we all not considered good enough to have the same coverage as Congress or is Congress too good to have the Obamacare? Will President Obama’s family have the Obamacare?

This seems to me a menu for a fallen cake of many issues, and will the concave in the insurance cake be filled with icing to hide the ugly truth. It will only take being served this baking mishap to find out we cannot swallow it.

So, I am happy to have Mr. Donald Trump in our lives to speak out for ones not heard. Thanks Mr. Trump---a true American.

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  1. DONALD TRUMP IS NO RONALD REGAN !! The DONALD is just a self promoter with no management skills. There are 30 years of creditor blood in Donald Trump's past with his many business failures. He has no proven management skills other than self promotion. Recently the Trump Organization has bankrupted the Trump Ocean Club Owners Association in Panama City, Panama through gross mismanagement and left it completely insolvent.


    How could intelligent voters elect such an unqualified person who would bankrupt the USA and have in WW3 with China in 60 days. His fortune (if he has one) was built on the backs of losses taken by his creditors, banks, bond investors, contractors, suppliers, unions, financiers and real estate investors all of which bought the Trump dream and got the Trump shaft (in the end). WE CAN DO BETTER THAN DONALD TRUMP so lets send the DONALD packing as consideration of this "unqualified" man for the high office of the President of the USA is a non starter.