Friday, April 25, 2014

Donald Trump Shares His Opinions and Talents---Fascinating

                                                                   Donald Trump
When Mr. Donald Trump speaks or shares his opinions it is news. And, it really does matter if you agree or not because he will share it with the world, and the world is waiting to hear them.

Now I for one find him fascinating with his views, as he captivates his audience. I might not agree with everything he says---but he just might be right in voicing his concerns as he uses the First Amendment---Freedom of Speech.

Donald Trump’s Empire is constantly expanding---therefore, he is helping people and economy the around the world---especially in the United States of America.

President Obama Walks the Streets of Washington

He is the “Renaissance Man” of our era as he gives rebirth to old and outdated businesses in many countries, to bring them into the 21st Century to prosper financially for his family, as well as helping the economy; and giving a new modern rebirth of all his endeavors will attract visitors from every country.

So, if he thinks that President Obama has a bop in his walk and it looks unpresidential; then he has that right to say it. And, I would love to hear what President Obama has to say about the comment. The president I am sure has learned to “Rise Above It” and does not bother to reply at this time. However, I am sure he will get his point across one day.

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