Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Donald Trump: 2016 President?

An American Who Soared to Greatness

Many Americans are taking notice of who knows what should be best for our country. Donald Trump in the news expressed clearly we Americans are embarrassed by our president. Actually I am not just embarrassed, disheartened, disgusted, but I want to kick Congress in their backsides because they have the power to get off their sit-downs and protect Americans from being invaded by ISIS Militants.

And, we do not know what is happening behind closed doors at the White House, but we want someone to take action on the USA borders surrounding our country. I hope Congress notices and takes note of Governor Perry and how he is protecting his Texas borders from Mexico.

        ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Mr. Trump is a successful Billionaire business man, and I am sure he would not give up his time to take the job of president. Although he is savvy above most of Congress; and he has helped the economy by employing thousands of Americans in his family owned businesses. He has built an empire for his children and their descendants; and with the help of his adult children in his financial world all seems great at the Trumps.

Congress is guilty by default concerning the borders and many other issues. We the voters are to blame for voting the driftwood career seekers into Congress. I know Congress has good people there trying to do right; however, each party deals in personal issues among the Republicans and Democrats. 

     The Dumbest Statement

What these Republicans and Democrats should do is the job we voted for them to do. They are not representing the American voters. Is it a feeling of superiority exhibited towards the working class of Americans? A reality check is needed because “We the Voters” are their Boss.

I give them a D- because of their procrastinating, ignoring big issues, not completing business before leaving for holidays, not reachable by constituencies, acting as children on the floor of Congress.

So I believe, that Donald wants to throw his hat in the ring for president because he does not handle stupidity and idleness very well; and it seems our government accommodates the preponderance of both.  I don’t believe that will happen because he is too valuable to his financial empire. However, I always enjoy hearing opinions from him about our government.

Until the next update have a happy September 2014.

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