Saturday, May 16, 2015

Donald Trump: Can He Save America and Bring Job Home for the Unemployed?

Scandals in the last two decades alone have extinguished any positive feedback from the citizens of this nation. Some of us face it head-on and others bury their heads in the sand---praying for it to change.

The list of scandals is never-ending as people from all branches of government are found guilty in crimes, as well as the IRS which is an ongoing mess. However, it falls back on the voters for electing these kinds of people, for not doing their homework as responsible citizens; and voters of the United States. And, it is necessary to check the people who are supporting them, listen to their promises, and just plain Google them and their hometown.

We all watched the last twenty (20) years on television as the endless line it seemed of senators, representatives, governors, and a president, asking their country,their constituents, their wives and children to forgive them for committing adultery; or whatever crime they did. And, standing by their side was the wife supporting him; for her own reasons I am sure---maybe not out of love and respect, but if they still loved the man who cheated on them; more the pity.

This is what we had and still have in our government as our nation slowly sinks into oblivion from lack of proper governing. What does it need to adhere the shattered government so it will function as a unit? The right intelligent men and women who are loyal to their country and its people; and where are these people?

I do not want a government that will not support the armed forces and its men and women by giving each branch enough funds to protect our Homeland.

Stop sending our brave people into battle without the proper uniforms and equipment. Give them what they need, but also audit where is comes from and the cost. 

Buy American made---never from another country. If America does not have the equipment---then start a factory and hired American to do the job. We need to feel safe in our county again no matter what it takes. Our enemy brags about being in our homeland; what is being done about this? All I see is politicians making speeches for 2016.

With as many in government running around chasing their tails; there are enough men and women to assign to each branch and agency to audit the cost of purchases and where it’s bought (eliminate the ‘Good Old Boys Club’ where contracts are given to friends and family.) Each auditor will need to give a report to the president, and the three branches of government every three months so waste and criminal acts of favoritism are nonexistent. These reports are then approved by the signatures of the president and the heads of each branch and agency.

Government waste is one downfall of our nation and the other is simply poor management. Stop giving tax breaks to American companies that are outsourcing our jobs. Make all American companies pay taxes if they want to operate in the United States. They cannot use the old worn out phrase they need the revenue to hire and train people when millions of Americans are still out of work; surcharged their taxes until millions of unemployed become hired.

Give the healthcare decisions back to the people and make insurance companies take notice they will be audit if the insurance commissioners of each state received more than three valid complaints against them.

Americans it is in our hands to do something or let our country slip through our fingers into the abyss of no return. Don’t believe all the rose-colored propaganda. When the clock of truth chimes on the eleventh hour; will you jump into action at the last-minute? It might be too late.

Vote for the man or woman who will bring us out of this chaos, Google her/him and find out if she or he has a stable background and is active in their community. Do not waste your vote---be proud because you did your homework and will vote for the right one to lead us in a positive way. Someone who is not in it for the money and/or to make connections with deep pockets; who will trade-off pieces of America’s trust with favoritism and paybacks.
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