Saturday, August 8, 2015

GOP Debate: Nonsense Questions

Americans have become tired of their political intelligence being insulted with nonsense questions. Example:

Donald Trump : Questioned many times in interviews if he would consider running as a third-party candidate. (And, that was the first question of the debate setting the tone against him. Plan #1)

 Donald Trump: Questioned about name calling and told how he treated women was obviously a preplanned setup to make him angry. (This was step 2 in the plan.)
      Donald Trump: Sadly became disinvited to the Redstate Gathering in Atlanta, Ga. (Step 3- I believe Erick Erickson planned this initially.) Clearly a sabotage planned for Mr. Trump before the debate started.

The GOP should put Carly Fiorina in the Debates with all the men candidates. She is the only woman candidate and unrecognized as a valuable GOP candidate. It seems the Democrats favor woman in politics on display more than the Republicans.

Why didn’t Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier ask questions of a few of the other candidates? Such as:
      Chris Christie---Tell us your involvement in “Bridgegate?” Gov. Christie are you known as a bully?

·       Scott Walker---Is it true you recommended budget cuts for the University of Wisconsin while proposing the Milwaukee Bucks receives millions of public money for a new professional basketball arena? In your 2010 campaign you promised to create many jobs. How did that work out for you? Were you photographed in May of this year with Josh Duggar?

·       Mike Huckabee---Are you close to the Duggar family? Did you say to forgive him? Forgiven maybe, but not glorified. Should he be prosecuted?
·       Rand Paul---Are you a racist? Are you friends with someone who supports President Lincoln being assassinated?
·       Ted Cruz---Please explain why you want a 100 racist in the White House? Did you vote against federal aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy? Are you against asking for federal aid for others until you need it for your state?

Level the playing field and keep it honest as professionals should without executing negativity. Americans are worried about the direction our country’s headed. We want to know how the candidates feel on all areas of concern. We are looking for a serious candidate who is not biased, an honorable family man/woman.

Our Country is in Jeopardy because:
  •       Our Military’s Depleted: It needs new and modern equipment,weapons, Humvees, protective gear for our men and women who protects our country. Build up our forces and protect our borders. And, for mercy sake let the competent Generals do their jobs.

  • ·       Stop Borrowing: Cut spending and decrease the National debt today; not tomorrow.

  • ·       Charity begins at home: Take care of Americans first. Stop giving money to other countries; especially the haters who burnt our flag. (I hate to use the word stupid; so I will say to the asinine ones in Congress stop the madness).

  • ·       Irresponsible Congress members are destroying America.

  • ·       American companies: Took American jobs overseas and are still receiving a tax breaks for killing our nations with millions of unemployed Americans.

  • ·       Get rid of greedy, self-important and no action Congress members.

  • ·       All talk, talk and more talk---blowing smoke and doing nothing Congress will not save our country.

  • ·       The news across the Internet time and time again: Congress goes home without completing their job. We do not need laziness in our government; we need workers to dig us out of a hole that will get deeper and larger if action is not taken.

  • ·       Do we have weak ineffectual, timid Congress members who are only there for their money and to go home before their job is finished? I know we have good Congress members and they should take the bull by the horns and get everyone busy.

  • ·       American Children: Are going to bed hungry in America while lobbyist fills the pockets of weak politicians who do not care.

  • ·       Our Veterans: The ones who gave their all for our country, returning home to no jobs, not receiving care at VA Hospitals, no help from the government that sent them to a foreign land to fight. Many are now homeless living on the streets with other families who felt the heartbreak of foreclosure.

  • ·       Downsize the Government: Retire and fire the ones not needed and not doing their jobs. Nepotism is one reason for so many government workers. Audit each department’s job duties and blueprint a plan to eliminate the unnecessary workers.

·       I could go on and on, but you get the point that we are in trouble; and will be unless we take action and elect a president who is an intelligent person who demands fast and efficient completed results for all the Americans, not just the elite group.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Donald Trump: Americans Want a Man Not Owned by Lobbyist

Mr. Trump is a man of his own; he is not owned by any special interest group(s) and he is using his own
money to support his candidacy for president. He speaks the truth about our no action Congress that does little and talks a lot. He is the voice of Americans who are tired of liars, cheats, crooks, self-promoting, and self-serving greedy leaders who lack in good judgment as being fiduciary for Americans.

Our country is slowing sinking into a third world country status as the leaders borrow money with one hand and then spends to satisfy their lobbyist who owns their votes. Some think they are traitors to the American people who put them in office.

Congress became devious against the American people in the last 20+ years as they encouraged American Companies to invest in other countries; resulting in millions of Americans unemployed. Millions of Americans are now homeless, jobless, and hopeless; with nowhere to turn. Has Congress betrayed them? What has Congress done to rectify this issue?

Some American companies are now returning home after finding out cheap labor does not produce American Made Products, as only Americans can do. The American companies that remain overseas and in Mexico are still getting tax breaks. 

This is another atrocity against the American people. I believe a 10% Tax Rate for all Americans and Businesses would put America on the road to recovery.

Automobile Motor Companies in Mexico Now:
·        Volkswagen initially planned to build a factory in Tennessee for their Audi unit, but it went to Mexico. Audi $1.3 Billion factory is in San Jose Chiapa.
      Nissan Motor Company.
·        General Motor Company
·        Ford Motor Company
·        Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV

What caliber of people in Congress is playing with our freedom? Are the unscrupulous ones becoming primary? Are the truthful and dedicated ones becoming a minority?

Just like the middle-class that once flourished and held the strength of America with its enormous amount of working Americans. The middle-class that is almost extinct needs jobs for millions of unemployed in America to once again thrive; with a chance for the American dream.

Does our Congress give Illegal aliens more than what our veterans received after serving and fighting in a war? There are many homeless veterans who need healthcare, medicine and a proper place to live after fighting for our freedom. This is an abomination that is known around the world.

The United States of American has become a joke with all the issues in the past with ridiculous government leaders from all areas. Congress should issue better public relations in our nation and endorse better policies and procedures used in all areas.

Impeach all government leaders that break the law or acts improper with putting them out of office. If they break the law then legally treats them as any other American would be treated.

I think I will vomit if I see another government leader who is caught in the act of cheating apologizing to American people; his constituents, his wife, his children. The only reason he’s sorry is because he’s been caught.

We need a man who loves America and will save it from all the greedy self important leaders.

America Discriminates: Against Older Unemployed Americans