Friday, January 20, 2017

President Trump Spoke to the Hearts of Americans

Dear President Trump your inauguration speech touched the hearts of true Americans. It certainly touched mine. I am one of the Americans who ancestor’s blood soaked the soil of America for our freedom so we may live in a free nation where our children will be safe. And, enjoy a life where education is taught by the best teachers.

I am one of many struggling Americans who although has faced many personal and financial issues is still seeking solutions. And, as a recent widow I now have the burden of trying to pay off all the bills I incurred trying to save my husband’s life; by buying everything he needed to make him comfortable. Medicare does not furnish everything a man who had five strokes and dementia needs; he often fell out of his bed.

I had to call the EMT many times to help me. The EMTs were wonderful and was only two miles away from my country home. Medicare would not furnish a hospital bed for him so I could take care of him better and he would be safe with the bed rails. Medicare said if he had bedsores he would be eligible to get a hospital bed. I was his caregiver 24/7 for years and I made sure he did not have bed sore—he would get pressure sore that turned red on his hips—therefore, I would turn him over many time during the day and night and medicate the redness.

I did not have help with him until the last two weeks of his life and it came from Haven Hospice. These people are wonderful. He went into Hospice the last two days of his life because he was in such pain. He once weighed 210, but would not eat well until he finally would not eat at all; and was mere skin and bones. It breaks one heart to watch your husband fade away before your eyes, and you cannot do anything to prevent it. I felt so alone while trying to save him.

I did not have a pity party—no I am now trying to solve my financial woes by joining eBay and selling beautiful pre-owned clothes that belonged to me, my cousin and aunt. Although eBay is very slow with buyers not buying my items---I still pray it will get better. This is what a strong woman does; and I am fighting to be that woman.

Your speech revivified my spirit and has given me hope that I can be strong for me because you are being strong for all America. I have written so many blogs and hubs about America. Years ago, I started a blog about you and your family; actually I have 12 or 13 blogs in all. Writing is my therapy as well as working on my eBay store. I have written many stories, articles, poems and being very opinionated about American and what I believe should change.

My Great-Great Grandfather John Newton Krimminger was a Florida Senator, Judge, Doctor, Lawyer and was killed October 5, 1871 for being a Republican in a democratic community. As his descendant I blow my opinionated horn whenever I feel the worm of injustice crawl in.

Thank you President Trump and may God Bless you and America.

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