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Friday, June 19, 2015

Donald Trump: A Candidate for President

Mr. Donald Trump a private citizen has thrown his hat in the ring for president. Will our country be smart enough to vote for the right man or woman? And, will each candidate tell us their views and what they want for our people, and I mean all citizens of the United States, not the privileged Elite.

Or, will it be the same old mudslinging story? It is easier to throw negative darts at other candidates than it is to
talk about one’s policies targets and the directions one plans for the stabilization and prosperity of our country.

It does not matter how wealthy or humble a candidate is, but he or she is the right one to save this nation. They need to look up the words professional manners, and they would know to act in a way that is respectful of others and meets a high standard of behavior. We would appreciate adults behaving in a better way in front of the youths of America and show them the positive manner of behavior is the best.

If the government operated as a large business probably more than 80% would be fired. Corporations hire productive employees as assets who will make money for them. If a corporation does not make money, then comes the layoffs, and the last resort is filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code.

What candidate has been successful in building corporations around the world? Who has a great support system in the people he trusts? Who is brilliant in knowing when to back off a deal and when to close it? This is what’s needed in negotiations with other leaders. First, listen to what they say, ask for or opinionated about an issue or topic, and after letting them talk ask additional questions.

A simple question: The war in Iraq ceased on December 2011, then why are we still involved? Is it because they helped locate Al-Qaeda in Iraq for the American soldiers? I cannot believe all the years Americans fought in Iraq these people now need training? Or, is it because the USA is sending anti-tank weapons to the Iraq army and teaching them how to operate them? I cannot believe that Iraq’s Army is that inept. Who is the president satisfying?

Will a president have the power to bring the two snarling unprofessional parties together to work as a union?
Not working as separate supremacies to prove who the big dog is in Washington D.C.; and work for the good of
the people, not the “Good Old Boy Lobbyist. I am so embarrassed for politicians sometimes on the media because some act like blooming idiots and viewed this way. We cannot respect anyone who does not respect themselves.

Our government agencies are too large with each hiring people who play most of the day like the Internal Revenue that did not have a strong person to oversee its operations and employees. We need to cut the fat and eliminate what we are always promised to cut the spending and focus on the 18 Trillion dollar debt. If the ones in power do not take action on the debt we will be under the power of another country without means to fight. We will be their slaves.

Is there anyone in Congress concerned about this? When did the American dream die? What do our descendants have to look forward to; being slaves to another country? Yes, common sense and looking forward tells us plainly they will not live in a world like our ancestors died; to make a new land where we can make our own choices in lifestyle, religion and the pursuit of happiness.

I tell you my friend the pursuit of happiness for a parent searching for a job that is no longer there is painful and depressing because it has been outsourced to another country by the American businesses; that people of the United States supported by buying their products.

Lobbyist, fling out favors like candy on Valentine’s Day; to get the politicians to see things their way.  Lobbyist, work for the ones they represent; as they exploit the weakest of the litter to score a hit for their person. The pathetic senators and representatives accept payoffs, trips, and deals and sway their support with the Lobbyist.

Lobbyist like fruit flies swarm around the ripest or rotten fruit and these are the kind of people elected and re-elected in Congress. This makes their elected positions a “Big Fat Lie” and the Americans who overlooked their research on candidates before they voted are to blame.

This might be our last chance to elect the right person for president; so do your homework, listen and research for a nation your will be proud of and to secure a future for our nation.

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