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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Donald Trump’s Name Brand Still Shines

                            Trump Taj Mahal

Donald finally succeeded in having his name removed from Trump Plaza, but his victory was bitter- sweet because it’s closed. It was not hurting the owners to comply at this point; as they already seized advantage of the Trump name for their profit.

 However, Donald wants his name removed from the failing Trump Taj Mahal and again the owners refused. The owners can see the casino circling the black hole of “Out of Business” and Donald Trump wanted the issue dissolved before it damages his brand name.

                                                        Donald Trump

The Donald Trump name has always stood for professional handing of businesses under his brand, and none are ever left in disarray or a rundown condition. Mr. Trump’s businesses are top of the line; like himself.

I hope this issue becomes resolved for the Trump Family before Trump Taj Mahal fails. It does not seem legal to me for any company or person to adhere to a name of the first owner and not relinquish it when requested.

Where is the legal system for a professional business man who has helped the economy by hiring Americans in his vast businesses; I would like to know. Donald Trumps will win in the long run and will rise above it all.

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