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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Donald Trump Talked with Van and Bonnie on 1040 WHO Radio

Donald Trump talked by phone to Van and Bonnie Thursday August 1, 2013 about 7:30 a.m. He will be a speaker at The Family Leadership Summit 2013 and he stated he would be the last speaker of the summit.

 I enjoyed listening to Donald Trump I think he is one of the greatest business men of our century. He has thousands of employees; whom he feels a great responsibility for their livelihood. Most business men would not even think to say that---but Donald did.

He spoke about how he wants our country to be rich again so the people will not have to suffer Medicare and Social Security cuts. And, he spoke about how OPEC and China are ripping off America because of our leadership. Every country that deals with America leaves richer---because the people in leadership do not know what they are doing.

He said OPEC was our greatest offender of ripping off America and our leadership lets them get away with it. They have so much oil that OPEC ships are full and trying to find a place to dump it. Yet they charge America an outrageous price for oil.

Donald discussed “The Apprentice” which has been on for ten years now, and how much he loves the show. He loves building the beautiful hotels in the USA and making deals to build around the world. And in order to run for president he would have to give up a lot---and too many people depended on him. Donald said he loved his life now and did not want to give up any part of it.

Make America great again is what Donald wants---something has to be done---if we had the right leadership this country would flourish again. This is the End of Donald Trump’s radio interview.


All Americans desire for our country to be made stable once again to have the opportunity for the American Dream. And for someone smart enough to cut the fat from the government and keep our money in our country---not give it to other countries that hate America and its people. I think Congress is nuts to keep doing this when our country is circling the abyss of no return. Congress gives their approval--- constantly to send money to other countries.

Maybe we need to start cutting Congress---that adds pork to every bill to satisfy some—Good Old Boys---who helped put them in office. And get rid of all lobbyists that entice the weak-minded in government with one hand and then demands favors with the other hand.

It is just good common sense--- which is very scarce in Washington D.C. in Congress---and most other agencies. Have all the intelligent leaderships disappeared ---are they all dead?

Look at the IRS and what they did with their power---no one was in control of them---and they acted like children having parties and spending Daddy’s money---Uncle Sam’s---our hard earned money.

It makes one stare in wonder at the stupidity of it all---how did these people get these jobs? I would have never hired them that’s for sure. Many of the government employees--- without common sense--- could not work in the private sector. The hardworking employees in the private sector have to work and follow rules and regulations or be fired.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Donald John Trump Sr.'s Family

Donald John Trump was born into affluence as the son of Frederick Christ Trump and Mary Ann MacLeod, as their fourth child. Frederick Christ Trump was born on October 11, 1905 in Woodhaven, Queens, New York. It was snowing and raining the day he was born, but a little bad weather did not keep him from arriving into his parent's world.

Little Frederick's parents were German immigrants, Friederich Drumph (March 1869-March 1918) and Elizabeth Christ (October 1880-June 1966) who came to America from Germany. Friederich became a naturalized citizen in 1892, and Americanized his surname to Trump.

He began his career during the Klondike Gold Rush, managing the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in British Columbia. His restaurant and hotel was a great success, however, he sold them, and return to Germany for the woman he married, Elizabeth Christ.

They returned to American to begin their life together. When Frederick Christ Trump was 13 years old, his father became a fatality to the Spanish Flu epidemic and died in 1918. His father's death left 13 year old Frederick Christ to provide for his family. 

Frederick started his career building garages, at the young age of 15 years old. He advanced his career as a real estate developer. He literally built his fortune by building and operating inexpensive rental housing in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. He extended his career into buying and selling high-rises.

At 21 years old, Frederick Trump met Mary Ann MacLeod, who came from Scotland for a visit to New York City, and married her that same year in 1936.

Frederick Trump accumulated a massive fortune, which most was inherited by his children. In his later years, Mr. Trump had Alzheimer's disease for six years, before his death in June 1999 of pneumonia. He and his wife Mary Ann were married 64 years at the time of his death.

Mr. Trump was a great father to his children--- he would take Donald to work with him--- at a very early age, and this made a big influence on little Donald, because years later he went to work for his father. And this is when his career began, with lessons of experience from a man who loved his son, and taught him well. I am sure he was very proud of Donald, and all his children.

Mary Ann MacLeod Trump was born in the village of Tong, in the parish of Stornoway on May 10, 1912. It was probably a cool day, as the temperature is about the same winter and summer. It is also, very cloudy in the village of Tong, with frequent high winds. Her father was Malcolm Macleod, and he was a fisherman, and her mother was Mary Smith. Her parents married in 1891, and it is know that both of her parents spoke Gaelic.

One could assume that Mary Ann MacLeod Trump spent her life as a happy wife and mother, with her darling children, without financial worry, as her husband was an excellent provider.
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