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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Donald Trump: Listen to His Words Not the Media

The skill of listening to the actual words of someone famous who is a candidate for the Presidential race seems to go over the news media’s head.

Donald Trump used John McCain to point-out that he would not be labeled a hero had he fought in the war and come home like so many lucky others. Probably no one would know his name because he was just a soldier. Being a prisoner of war and surviving it took a strong determined man like John McCain and others like my uncle to make it home.
And, since America honored him as a hero he was given a political push because of his status; becoming an Arizona senator in 1987. And, I honestly feel all the veterans from all wars are heroes who fought for us; should be treated better in America by our Congress.

I believe John McCain’s election was damaged in 2008, when he could not answer the question if he owned seven homes or not. Some Americans at the time were being foreclosed on their one home. Foreclosures were up 81% in 2008. This question by a reporter did damage to his election because Americans were losing their homes.

It is dishonorable that both parties just blow smoke with their words of wonderful intentions that evaporates before the ink is dry. They are just patting themselves on the back with inaction.
With all the promises they need to make a new party called “Procrastination” and most of both parties would be in it. And, while they stand on their soap boxes spouting inept words to the camera; knowing the promises mean nothing, zero, zilch, nil and naught.

We are at home searching on our computers to find out all we can about this person. Most of what we find is what the news media wants us to find which amounts to negative views mostly.

It seems nasty, mean, unfaithful, a thief, embezzling, tax fraud, con-artist, negative news get the most interest from the public; which sells newspapers and the reporters get paid.

What has either party done for the veterans with meaning and full attention to their needs?  They remind me of locomotives on the wrong tracks blowing smoke as they travel down the political rails to nowhere; crossing the bridge to nowhere they voted on.

I ask all my family and friends to listen to what a speaker/politician says and after researching him/her then select the one you believe will help our country move forward for the benefit of its people.

Savvy Americans know the news media reports as per their network's instructions---not since Edward R. Murrow have we heard pristine news. Where do we turn for the real news? Open your ears and mind and you might hear the truth. Do not sit in front of the television and believe everything you hear---research---travel the Internet and the truth might rise to the surface of untruths.

All the veterans who fought for our freedom are heroes in the hearts of Americans; thank you.
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