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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Second Republican Debate: Moderators Evaded the Issues Asking Inept Questions

Just when I thought Americans would hear what the candidates’ solutions were for our country I was fooled again. Instead, we had another moderator who wasted everyone’s time; this time with questions about what each candidate said about another candidate. Some of the candidates tried in vain to change the kind of questions asked because they want to discuss what they would do as president.

When a candidate was telling us what we longed to hear the moderator rudely interrupted with “Thank you, Thank you.” It was three hours of bad planning by CNN moderators; and three hours too long to watch. The candidates wilted before our eyes. 

And, so many good questions were not asked of these candidates and some were ignored because the focus seemed to be on ratings from the overly excited answers of the ones attacked by another candidate. It reminded me of kindergartners playing in their sandbox, and I know the ones who would throw sand into others face.

I wanted to know why Carly Fiorina outsourced jobs to China when 30,000 Californians she laid off needed jobs.  And, in lieu of attacking Hilary Clinton I needed to know what she would do to bring our country back so American can once again prosper. What I did hear from her was about Vladimir Putin and since we know this; it was a waste of listening time. 

Then, she told the awful story concerning Plan Parenthood and I dreamed about her description of a baby lying on a table still alive while people talked about harvesting its brain. I believe she is a strong candidate and I would like to hear more from her.

Once again it seemed Donald Trump was the target of what the other candidate said about him directed by the moderator. I would love to hear more from the other candidates like: Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Donald Trump. 

I want to hear a debate about the issues and how each one will bring back our American Dream so everyone will prosper, their steps on downsizing the government, stop borrowing money and giving it to other countries that murders Americans (I have to agree with Donald Trump; these people are stupid), and we are not Santa Claus or World Police. 

Work on eliminating the Trillions of dollars in debt and treat Americans with respect starting with the Veterans. We need to build our military up and let the Generals in charge make the decision not some White House politician.

I was embarrassed for all the candidates because they did not get to speak about important issues. The best political debates in the past were hosted by ABC. And, I am hoping they will host the next one so we can hear what the candidates really think about the issues and where our country will stand under their leadership.

We need action and less talk!

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