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Friday, March 29, 2013

Marla Maples---Up-Date

Marla Maples is truly a Southern Lady and has instilled the great values into her daughter Tiffany Ariana which she was infused growing in the state of Georgia. The value of a dollar and learning to care for one’s own needs without servants and an unlimited bank account. She will be well prepared for life with her mother’s cultivating all the skills one needs to make it in this modern world.

                                                                Tiffany Ariana and Marla

Marla could still be on the cover of any magazine with her beautiful face and skin. But instead of exploiting her own beauty for money; she helped others who were having a difficult time being divorced.

She knew how it felt to love someone for them and not what they have in monetary assets. But it seems that Mr. Trump did not know a jewel when he had one. Such a pity he seems to still be searching and will probably always will be.

However, Donald Trump’s greatest assets are his children and I am sure he is a great father to them all. And he has done a great job with his oldest children---teaching them to prosper and help his own empire grow. If anyone has the golden touch---I would say it is Mr. Trump.

Unless one can walk in their shoes in their daily routines---one cannot judge them and their endeavors. Why? Because the wealthy operate on a different level than most of us do---as the workers.

Mr. Trump is a good man who has helped many people in this world and he came from good parents whose accomplishments were to raise good, healthy children and teach them to flourish in this world with education and the skill to succeed.

I wish Marla the very best in whatever she ventures to do in life and her star will shine brightly as a true Southern Lady.

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