Saturday, May 16, 2015

Donald Trump: Can He Save America and Bring Job Home for the Unemployed?

Scandals in the last two decades alone have extinguished any positive feedback from the citizens of this nation. Some of us face it head-on and others bury their heads in the sand---praying for it to change.

The list of scandals is never-ending as people from all branches of government are found guilty in crimes, as well as the IRS which is an ongoing mess. However, it falls back on the voters for electing these kinds of people, for not doing their homework as responsible citizens; and voters of the United States. And, it is necessary to check the people who are supporting them, listen to their promises, and just plain Google them and their hometown.

We all watched the last twenty (20) years on television as the endless line it seemed of senators, representatives, governors, and a president, asking their country,their constituents, their wives and children to forgive them for committing adultery; or whatever crime they did. And, standing by their side was the wife supporting him; for her own reasons I am sure---maybe not out of love and respect, but if they still loved the man who cheated on them; more the pity.

This is what we had and still have in our government as our nation slowly sinks into oblivion from lack of proper governing. What does it need to adhere the shattered government so it will function as a unit? The right intelligent men and women who are loyal to their country and its people; and where are these people?

I do not want a government that will not support the armed forces and its men and women by giving each branch enough funds to protect our Homeland.

Stop sending our brave people into battle without the proper uniforms and equipment. Give them what they need, but also audit where is comes from and the cost. 

Buy American made---never from another country. If America does not have the equipment---then start a factory and hired American to do the job. We need to feel safe in our county again no matter what it takes. Our enemy brags about being in our homeland; what is being done about this? All I see is politicians making speeches for 2016.

With as many in government running around chasing their tails; there are enough men and women to assign to each branch and agency to audit the cost of purchases and where it’s bought (eliminate the ‘Good Old Boys Club’ where contracts are given to friends and family.) Each auditor will need to give a report to the president, and the three branches of government every three months so waste and criminal acts of favoritism are nonexistent. These reports are then approved by the signatures of the president and the heads of each branch and agency.

Government waste is one downfall of our nation and the other is simply poor management. Stop giving tax breaks to American companies that are outsourcing our jobs. Make all American companies pay taxes if they want to operate in the United States. They cannot use the old worn out phrase they need the revenue to hire and train people when millions of Americans are still out of work; surcharged their taxes until millions of unemployed become hired.

Give the healthcare decisions back to the people and make insurance companies take notice they will be audit if the insurance commissioners of each state received more than three valid complaints against them.

Americans it is in our hands to do something or let our country slip through our fingers into the abyss of no return. Don’t believe all the rose-colored propaganda. When the clock of truth chimes on the eleventh hour; will you jump into action at the last-minute? It might be too late.

Vote for the man or woman who will bring us out of this chaos, Google her/him and find out if she or he has a stable background and is active in their community. Do not waste your vote---be proud because you did your homework and will vote for the right one to lead us in a positive way. Someone who is not in it for the money and/or to make connections with deep pockets; who will trade-off pieces of America’s trust with favoritism and paybacks.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Donald Trump’s Name Brand Still Shines

                            Trump Taj Mahal

Donald finally succeeded in having his name removed from Trump Plaza, but his victory was bitter- sweet because it’s closed. It was not hurting the owners to comply at this point; as they already seized advantage of the Trump name for their profit.

 However, Donald wants his name removed from the failing Trump Taj Mahal and again the owners refused. The owners can see the casino circling the black hole of “Out of Business” and Donald Trump wanted the issue dissolved before it damages his brand name.

                                                        Donald Trump

The Donald Trump name has always stood for professional handing of businesses under his brand, and none are ever left in disarray or a rundown condition. Mr. Trump’s businesses are top of the line; like himself.

I hope this issue becomes resolved for the Trump Family before Trump Taj Mahal fails. It does not seem legal to me for any company or person to adhere to a name of the first owner and not relinquish it when requested.

Where is the legal system for a professional business man who has helped the economy by hiring Americans in his vast businesses; I would like to know. Donald Trumps will win in the long run and will rise above it all.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Donald Trump: 2016 President?

An American Who Soared to Greatness

Many Americans are taking notice of who knows what should be best for our country. Donald Trump in the news expressed clearly we Americans are embarrassed by our president. Actually I am not just embarrassed, disheartened, disgusted, but I want to kick Congress in their backsides because they have the power to get off their sit-downs and protect Americans from being invaded by ISIS Militants.

And, we do not know what is happening behind closed doors at the White House, but we want someone to take action on the USA borders surrounding our country. I hope Congress notices and takes note of Governor Perry and how he is protecting his Texas borders from Mexico.

        ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Mr. Trump is a successful Billionaire business man, and I am sure he would not give up his time to take the job of president. Although he is savvy above most of Congress; and he has helped the economy by employing thousands of Americans in his family owned businesses. He has built an empire for his children and their descendants; and with the help of his adult children in his financial world all seems great at the Trumps.

Congress is guilty by default concerning the borders and many other issues. We the voters are to blame for voting the driftwood career seekers into Congress. I know Congress has good people there trying to do right; however, each party deals in personal issues among the Republicans and Democrats. 

     The Dumbest Statement

What these Republicans and Democrats should do is the job we voted for them to do. They are not representing the American voters. Is it a feeling of superiority exhibited towards the working class of Americans? A reality check is needed because “We the Voters” are their Boss.

I give them a D- because of their procrastinating, ignoring big issues, not completing business before leaving for holidays, not reachable by constituencies, acting as children on the floor of Congress.

So I believe, that Donald wants to throw his hat in the ring for president because he does not handle stupidity and idleness very well; and it seems our government accommodates the preponderance of both.  I don’t believe that will happen because he is too valuable to his financial empire. However, I always enjoy hearing opinions from him about our government.

Until the next update have a happy September 2014.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Donald Trump Shares His Opinions and Talents---Fascinating

                                                                   Donald Trump
When Mr. Donald Trump speaks or shares his opinions it is news. And, it really does matter if you agree or not because he will share it with the world, and the world is waiting to hear them.

Now I for one find him fascinating with his views, as he captivates his audience. I might not agree with everything he says---but he just might be right in voicing his concerns as he uses the First Amendment---Freedom of Speech.

Donald Trump’s Empire is constantly expanding---therefore, he is helping people and economy the around the world---especially in the United States of America.

President Obama Walks the Streets of Washington

He is the “Renaissance Man” of our era as he gives rebirth to old and outdated businesses in many countries, to bring them into the 21st Century to prosper financially for his family, as well as helping the economy; and giving a new modern rebirth of all his endeavors will attract visitors from every country.

So, if he thinks that President Obama has a bop in his walk and it looks unpresidential; then he has that right to say it. And, I would love to hear what President Obama has to say about the comment. The president I am sure has learned to “Rise Above It” and does not bother to reply at this time. However, I am sure he will get his point across one day.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Donald Trump Voices What Others Seem Afraid to Say

 In Russia with Miss Universe Crowning

Does Donald Trump have news feeds from other countries? Of course he does. However, would we be happy to hear what other countries opinions are about the state of affairs in the USA? 

What does Russia say about Obamacare? Russia and other countries might be think President Obama is a joke and as an American that hurt me to know other countries opinions are negative towards our president.
I am not saying I agree with Obamacare because I do not understand all of it at this point. 

I do think however, that it is not right that everyone has to accept it. I believe if any Americans are happy with their health insurance they should keep it. And, if not---then research and shop around for other insurance coverage. Let the ones who want Obamacare apply for it.

I feel it is unconstitutional to force a nation to choose an ill-fated insurance that we did not vote to have in the first place. Are we still Americans who live in the land of the free and brave. 

Yes, there are issues with ‘Health Insurance in America’ and that is because the ones in charge of governing insurance is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

What are the NAIC doing and are they in touch with the White House for any input from their experience or are they like the members of Congress and have their own insurance coverage? Are we all not considered good enough to have the same coverage as Congress or is Congress too good to have the Obamacare? Will President Obama’s family have the Obamacare?

This seems to me a menu for a fallen cake of many issues, and will the concave in the insurance cake be filled with icing to hide the ugly truth. It will only take being served this baking mishap to find out we cannot swallow it.

So, I am happy to have Mr. Donald Trump in our lives to speak out for ones not heard. Thanks Mr. Trump---a true American.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donald Trump---A Savvy Business Man

Donald Trump will renovate a landmark---the Old Historic Post Office Pavilion---and magically it will become the first Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. It estimated cost $200 million including the safety of bullet windows.

I admire this family who has improved America and its economy with hiring of approximately 700 construction workers as well as 300 permanent jobs possible when the project’s completed. Trump Family Dreams helps America as well as--- it increases their Family Empire. 

Donald Trump is leasing the building from the Federal Government for Sixty (60) years with contractual leeway of an additional twenty (20) years if necessary.

The historic integrity of the building will be well-preserved while adding elegant details. There will be 270 estimate rooms with high ceilings of 14 to 16 feet. Large bullet-proof windows, with an average of 600 square feet; also included are two presidential suites with his and her walk-in closets.

The hotel ambiance of good taste will boast its magnificence---and no cost will be spared to turn this into the most sumptuous hotel in Washington DC. With its lavish ballroom, sophisticated restaurants, exquisite spa, shops, library, with is spacious conference room---all this and more I am sure.

Donald will accomplish this with the help of his daughter, Ivanka, and sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. The construction will begin in the spring of 2014 and completed in 2015. And, I cannot wait to see it in all its splendor and glory.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Donald Trump Talked with Van and Bonnie on 1040 WHO Radio

Donald Trump talked by phone to Van and Bonnie Thursday August 1, 2013 about 7:30 a.m. He will be a speaker at The Family Leadership Summit 2013 and he stated he would be the last speaker of the summit.

 I enjoyed listening to Donald Trump I think he is one of the greatest business men of our century. He has thousands of employees; whom he feels a great responsibility for their livelihood. Most business men would not even think to say that---but Donald did.

He spoke about how he wants our country to be rich again so the people will not have to suffer Medicare and Social Security cuts. And, he spoke about how OPEC and China are ripping off America because of our leadership. Every country that deals with America leaves richer---because the people in leadership do not know what they are doing.

He said OPEC was our greatest offender of ripping off America and our leadership lets them get away with it. They have so much oil that OPEC ships are full and trying to find a place to dump it. Yet they charge America an outrageous price for oil.

Donald discussed “The Apprentice” which has been on for ten years now, and how much he loves the show. He loves building the beautiful hotels in the USA and making deals to build around the world. And in order to run for president he would have to give up a lot---and too many people depended on him. Donald said he loved his life now and did not want to give up any part of it.

Make America great again is what Donald wants---something has to be done---if we had the right leadership this country would flourish again. This is the End of Donald Trump’s radio interview.


All Americans desire for our country to be made stable once again to have the opportunity for the American Dream. And for someone smart enough to cut the fat from the government and keep our money in our country---not give it to other countries that hate America and its people. I think Congress is nuts to keep doing this when our country is circling the abyss of no return. Congress gives their approval--- constantly to send money to other countries.

Maybe we need to start cutting Congress---that adds pork to every bill to satisfy some—Good Old Boys---who helped put them in office. And get rid of all lobbyists that entice the weak-minded in government with one hand and then demands favors with the other hand.

It is just good common sense--- which is very scarce in Washington D.C. in Congress---and most other agencies. Have all the intelligent leaderships disappeared ---are they all dead?

Look at the IRS and what they did with their power---no one was in control of them---and they acted like children having parties and spending Daddy’s money---Uncle Sam’s---our hard earned money.

It makes one stare in wonder at the stupidity of it all---how did these people get these jobs? I would have never hired them that’s for sure. Many of the government employees--- without common sense--- could not work in the private sector. The hardworking employees in the private sector have to work and follow rules and regulations or be fired.

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